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In Gresham, as we age gracefully, it's quite common to become aware of the emergence of bothersome lines and wrinkles around the mouth, jawline, and cheeks. This is where Sculptra at Ageless Medical comes into play—an FDA-approved remedy crafted to unleash its natural collagen-boosting prowess on your facial skin. This groundbreaking treatment is geared towards revitalizing your visage, effectively minimizing wrinkles, and elevating your overall appearance.

Perks of Sculptra Treatment in Gresham, OR

  • Reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enhances your overall visage
  • Promotes a healthier, youthful complexion
  • Restores facial skin's firmness
  • Revives natural collagen synthesis
  • Endorsed by the FDA
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Places Targeted by Sculptra

  • It reshapes the jawline
  • Smooth lines encircling the nose and mouth
  • Enhances the chin
  • Revitalizes the cheeks
  • Restores radiance to the temples
  • Addresses various areas of soft tissue throughout the body

Pricing for Sculptra Therapy

While the guideline suggests one vial per decade of age, skin aging varies. Your treatment cost depends on the vials required. For an estimate, reach out to us at (541) 203-0508 in Gresham.

Gresham Treatment

What to Expect

Before Your Sculptra Gresham Appointment

At Ageless Medical in Gresham, our Sculptra Specialist thoroughly assesses your facial lines, wrinkles, skin texture, tone, thickness, and pigment issues. They will precisely identify the optimal treatment areas on your face and determine the necessary injections for each region.

To prepare for your appointment, remember to abstain from aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications, blood-thinning medications, and alcohol for a minimum of 24 hours beforehand.

During Your Sculptra Gresham Appointment

In Gresham, prior to the injections, we ensure a thorough cleansing of your facial skin. Sculptra will be precisely administered to the targeted areas of your face. We offer pain management choices, and it's commonly reported as a painless procedure.

The entire process typically lasts for about an hour.

After Your Sculptra Gresham Appointment

In Gresham, Sculptra's mechanism involves naturally stimulating collagen production, necessitating multiple injections spread across several weeks for noticeable results. These results, once achieved, often endure for up to two years.

Following each session, it's advisable to apply sunscreen before heading outdoors to shield the treated facial areas. In cases of slight swelling or tenderness, you can use cold packs. Your dedicated Sculptra Specialist at Ageless Medical will furnish you with comprehensive post-treatment guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

In Gresham, Sculptra operates as a collagen stimulant, harnessing the power of biodegradable poly L lactic acid PLLA (derived from beet sugar) to kickstart the body's natural collagen production. Administered through a series of injections, Sculptra initiates collagen synthesis, imparting firmness and elasticity to the skin, restoring facial volume, and diminishing facial wrinkles, including deep lines, smile lines, jawlines, and chin wrinkles.

Typically, Sculptra treatments entail multiple sessions conducted over several weeks or months, tailored to your specific requirements. The exact number of sessions will be determined based on your individual needs and goals.

In Gresham, you can enjoy the advantages of Sculptra for an extended period, as its effects can endure for up to 2 years. This durability sets it apart from various other categories of dermal fillers.

In Gresham, Sculptra finds its purpose in addressing facial lines and wrinkles encompassing the mouth, cheeks, chin, temples, and jawline. While it's not directly injected near the eyes, it yields substantial advantages in combating the signs of aging in that area.

Moreover, Sculptra isn't confined to facial applications, it extends to body treatments, which we've effectively administered in our office. We can provide before-and-after examples as testimonials of our successful outcomes.

In Gresham, although the side effects of Sculptra treatment are generally mild and short-lived, they might encompass occurrences like bruising at the injection site or the presence of a lump, swelling, redness, tenderness, or itching. In most instances, these effects tend to subside within a few days.

While more serious side effects are infrequent, they can occur. During your consultation, your provider will thoroughly discuss all possible side effects, ensuring you're well-informed about any potential outcomes.

In Gresham, you'll experience minimal to no downtime following your Sculptra treatment. The majority of individuals can swiftly return to their regular routines after receiving these injections.

In Gresham, as we age, our body's natural collagen production naturally declines, resulting in the emergence of more wrinkles and sagging skin on both the face and body. Hence, Sculptra aesthetic treatments are an excellent option for individuals aged 18 and above, possessing healthy immune systems, and seeking to diminish the visibility of lines, wrinkles, and thin skin.

In Gresham, the duration of each session can vary, typically spanning from 30 minutes to 1 hour. The exact time frame depends on the extent of the areas requiring treatment.