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Private Label Antioxidant Rich Calming Serum

Private Label Antioxidant Rich Calming Serum

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This calming serum harnesses the antioxidant power of
oil-soluble Vitamin C, paired synergistically with Vitamin E and
Ferulic Acid. This innovative form of Vitamin C is well-tolerated
by all skin types and will help to brighten and tighten the skin
for a luminous

appearance. The serum works to lessen the appearance of
redness, blemishes, and fine lines.

INDICATION: All Skin Types


Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate – an ester form of Vitamin C that is oil-soluble
which means it allows for excellent bio-availability and remains stable in the
skin throughout the day providing antioxidant and UV protection. Vitamin C is
a must- have ingredient to aid in the production of collagen for
youthful-looking skin and helps to minimize the over-production of melanin
for a more even skin tone. This form of Vitamin C is also beneficial for acne

Beta-Glucan – an antioxidant derived from soothing oats that aids in
moisturization and helps to minimize the appearance of redness as well as
wrinkle depth and other visible signs of aging in the skin.

Ferulic Acid – a free-radical scavenger paired with Vitamins C and E in this
formula to enhance the stability and photoprotection to further help with the
appearance of brighter skin with less UVB-induced redness.



  • This serum can be used post-procedure to improve outcomes.
  • Patients will love the elegance of this formula for the texture, hydration, and subtle citrus fragrance components.
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